Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sneak Peeks

I have been in England for just over 24 hours and have so much to describe and talk about that I don't even really know where to start. So since my jet lagged brain does not want to organize itself, here are just a few of the photos I've taken while here. I'm hoping to have a few more cohesive posts up in the next week as things get up and rolling. 

I took the bus from the airport to Oxford. This is the bus in front of us. You probably can't read it, because photos taken from a moving bus of a moving bus are blurry, but the ad says "Cheltenham to Chicago," which just made me happy.

On the plane I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and on the bus I listened to The Fellowship of the Ring audiobook. I felt very nerdy and tickled pink. I'm so happy to be reading Narnia again (for "homework").

{Storefronts in Oxford.}

There are blossoms on the trees in Oxford. Evidently the weather in England is confused. But apparently the winters here are pretty mild and flowers will start coming soon. It's also ridiculously lush and green, which is a benefit of all the rain. 

There's a farmers' market in Headington (the village right outside of Oxford where I live) every Saturday. I will definitely be buying produce here.

I went exploring this morning and popped into several grocery stores. Not only is there lots of tea (no surprise), but I absolutely love the packaging. I didn't buy tea, but I did buy several other things and successfully navigated the self-check-out without needing help, even though the change is still confusing. I was very proud of myself. 

This is the Headington shark. According to one of the returning students, it made quite a to-do when the homeowner put it up awhile ago. The city tried to make him take it down, but they couldn't. The shark is here to stay. 

This is a house just down the lane from where I live. 

I have a post about the Vines, where I live, in the works. Now I'm off to complete some odds and ends before our bike safety orientation. 

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  1. hmm, that shark. hmm, "that's" what leads to zoning laws….(O:
    (interlaken was a bit late, an ugly high rise got built, and then, i presume interlaken's city fathers and mothers wrote up a law against such….
    "tickled pink," is from …….?

    the house you pictured--is it occupied?

    the blossoming…..remember that when you, charlie, your mom, and i were in london in winter…i think 2008?
    so, are the temps. mild?