Tuesday, January 5, 2016

an update

I am about to hop across the pond and spend a semester in Oxford.

I plan to study hard, soak up being in England (though hopefully not literally thanks to the heavy-duty raincoat I bought myself), explore bookshops and libraries and nooks and crannies around town, attend choral Vespers services, pop into London, and generally enjoy myself while being challenged with the hardest academic environment I've faced yet.

Naturally, I'm thrilled. My bags are (mostly) packed, my passport ready, and my personal-sized study Bible arrived in the mail so I don't have to lug my gigantic hardback ESV tome with me.

I hope to blog more regularly during my semester abroad, so that all my wonderful people in the New World can keep up with my doings. Consequently, the tenor of the blog will shift somewhat to be more adventures and photos focused. Do leave comments if you particularly like something you see.

City of dreaming spires, here I come.

1 comment:

  1. so, "hop across the pond," is it an idiom, or family language? i too refer to the atlantic as "the pond." (O:

    "city of dreaming spires," is from where?

    looking forward to your blogs!