Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Things I Learned {Last} Month | April 2018

It's the start of a new month! As per usual, it's time for a roundup of things I learned in April.

1. I've decided that I'm from North Carolina. For now.

2. There are some weird and wonderful things about Germany.

3. Making tortillas is super straightforward. I've made two batches now and I love using them for quesadillas or as vehicles for homemade hummus.

4. Lilac bushes border my backyard. Ergo, my kitchen smells amazing when I leave the window open.

5. It's important to actually study the Bible on my own, not just read it. I was convicted of this over several weeks, so I finally decided to pay attention. I'm now listening to my Bible-in-a-year plan instead of reading it so that I can free up my morning quiet time for more in-depth study. I picked Isaiah 55 at random. Five days in, I've soaked in the first four verses and have eight pages of typed notes. This is so good for my soul.

6. The Christian Classics Etherial Library is an amazing resource for public domain classics, commentaries, sermons, and even lists of hymns inspired by particular passages. I've been using Blue Letter Bible and Bible Gateway for years, and both are terrific resources, but CCEL is in-depth on a level that I haven't encountered before.

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