Friday, June 30, 2017

10 things I learned this month

And just like that, June is over. Inspired by Emily Freeman, I'm continuing the practice of sharing things I learned this month here.

1. I’m distantly related to the pirate Pierre le Grande. The things you learn at family get-togethers. My relatives were talking family history, and they firmly announced that having an ancestor from Baltimore does NOT make that ancestor a yankee. They then happily discussed the connection with good ol' Pierre. Takeaway: it is better to be related to a pirate than to a yankee. Oh, the South. 

2. Not having a picture of something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I know, I know, this is basic, but remembering this afresh has given me the freedom to leave my devices at home and just enjoy whatever is happening rather than trying to document everything or (worse) staring at a screen when I have a minute to spare. I hiked, square danced, and made s’mores without distraction because I decided that was more important than having photos. 

3. God doesn’t often act quickly, but He acts suddenly. I came across this line in a book and it stuck with me. Often it seems like I am waiting on God forever with no sign of Him acting anytime soon, and then BOOM things start to happen. (This goes along with something I learned last month: God is seldom early, but He is never late.)

4. Wise words from my aunt for hard times: 1. It’s ok to cry. 2. Thank God for something anyway. 3. Don’t cry too long. The Lord gave her these words for her children when my uncle was deployed, but they apply to any tough time. 

5. A good teacher makes it possible for students to change their opinions without shame

6. We all write in the margins. A blog post that compares life to marginalia and interpretation (he actually uses the Hebrew term midrash here) is definitely my kind of post. I discovered Casey Tygrett's blog through another blogger I follow, and I'm loving it.  

7. Singapore airlines is a dream to travel onI had such a great experience on my flight - excellent service, and the stewardesses wear lovely dresses. (Yes, appearances matter.)

8. There is a rooftop lounge with free access for all in Terminal 5 of JFK airport. Travelers, take note! This place made my 8-hour layover a pleasure rather than a chore to get through.

9. Moving to Germany is significantly different from traveling to Germany. Hehe. Significantly more stressful, but also filled with unique joys. I had fun writing this post.

10. Putting up my own things in a hotel room makes a world of difference for my mood. Particularly when I'll be staying in this room for a month until we move into our new house. Quick transformation from generic room to my own space. (Three cheers for washi tape!)

What did you learn this month?

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